Being Zimbabwean is just human

It seems the new South African immigration laws have just sparked a lot of debate. If you read the comments on you might notice a sharp division between two South African classes.
You will see most people fall into these classes:
White in colour, most likely an employer and appreciative of immigrant contribution
Black employed and unappreciative.

It seems the black African believe the problems bedeviling South Africa is  caused by immigrants. The white African believes it has more to do with the government and the attitude of the black South African.

Words like lazy are a label of the South African employee. That  same South  African employee labels the immigrant, a criminal, an illegal….well to be a foreigner is just human.


Here are a few of the opinions on the site:

“Look at the bigger picture, once these laws have been enforced, deportation of all illegal immigrants will be easier. All professionals would come back with papers.”

“I have my doubts that there will be much positivity out of this.
Foreigners work better than our locals. We will now have to employ south africans who are lazy, with no drive and no sense of urgency. How is that going to benefit the economy in this country. And once they’re in your employ, it’s practically impossible to remove them when they don’t work properly……..
As an employer you’re expected to just put up with the nonsense.”

“Because locals are so bone idle and lazy, expecting daily handouts and everything for free (thanks to the ANC) while Zimbo’s, Malawians etc understand the concept of “hard work” and apply themselves and their minds.”

“It’s not a matter of the foreigners having the better jobs…..
The foreigners just perform better than our locals. They value their jobs more than the locals and the quality is better because of their attitude to their jobs”

“People who hardly walk the streets of jhb will not understand, SA needs to focus on its own people before we try to play big brother to the whole of africa… M just shocked because it seems only zim people are being affected but I mostly hear and see Nigerians”

“These laws are correct provided it applies not only to law abiding citizens and immigrants who want to enter the RSA legally, but also to the millions streaming across our unprotected borders!!
First get all the illegals back to their countries of origin, the patrol our borders, and then only allowed skilled people into the country to enhance the economy!! This will create an immediate approx 5 million jobs currently held by aliens!! (but also rid the authorities of corrupt officials who are responsible for letting aliens get into the country!!!)”

“Viva comrade Malusi viva. Immigrants are destroying our beloved country. Dey transport bulk of drugs to our country that destroy our people, killing people n eat a heart of a human being. And please Minister check even those landing @ OR Tambo airport and focus on rebuilding our country without them.”

“I’ll wait for my Zimbabweans employees to return before employing local militant unionists… get it, got it, good!”

“We see it with the US. Their laws are so strict that I can’t even visit a family member living there for more than 10 days as they are afraid I will overstay my welcome yet they still have many illegals in the country. They are a lot more equipped and they enforce the laws there yet they still struggle. How much more will our country not enforce these laws as they can’t even enforce simple traffic laws!”