the power of careful leveraging

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Power: the ability to produce results in general- or specifically, the ability to produce results with a relatively small amount of energy focused very precisely, especially after careful observation of where and how to add energy to produce a targeted result.
Observation and understanding are the root of power, not the total energy invested. Knowing where to add energy (or even where to remove energy) is crucial. Then, a focused application of a precise amount of energy can produce enormous results. Leverage is the ratio of the amount of effort invested to the size of the result produced.Inline image 1

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You shouldn’t just wait for the news

A number of people are on strike for a 15% wage increment. Are you taking part in the street demos? Or you are siting a home waiting for that announcement which tells you its ceasefire go back to work.

What if it takes 5 months like the platinum strike? What if it takes more than that? Have you imagined how you will make your ends meet? You do not just have to wait for the news you need to do something! This is the time you can use to learn a new skill, or start a small home business.

This is not the time to follow and comment on the many useless social pages that cost you your time and your money. be productive. This is not the time to watch all the soccer repeats,it is time for for personal productivity.

Artisans must bargain on their own

In Zimbabwe artisans need to do their own bargaining as artisans. An artisan is an artisan regardless of the industry he/she works in. Whether one is in the metal,chemical or miners’union is irrelevant and a way of trying to suppress wages.

When training there was no training specifically meant for the mines, fertilizer or automotive. Fitting is the same at Sables, Uniliver or Mimosa. A DPF does the same job at Barzem ,or Hwange. The minimum must be the same then companies may adjust up considering the extra dangers that may be faced in particular industries.

Coming from a chemical industry background I was earning more as a 4th year apprentice than a qualified artisan at DC de Souza.

The wages must not be meagre but must match the highest currently being offered. An artisan must get what they deserve whether in government or in the private sector. No more government rates because government doesn’t regulate my landlord. Government doesn’t regulate the prices I am charged so I must get what is worth of me

You never succeed doing what you always do

I have been attending success workshops and self improvement seminars and I guarantee you I have learnt a lot. One thing I have learnt is if you are not achieving something you want,it is because you do not know how.
To know how ,you have to learn. One thing that I have been complacent about is learning. I thought learning is studying for a diploma or degree.
You learn how to achieve success,how to be financially free,how to better take care of your family and yourself.
You learn how to manage your finance, improve your cash flows, get out of debt. I have been learning all this and I tell you I am no longer the same.

Now if you feel you want to succeed, change the way you do things. I have 5 free tickets if you want to learn about the things I mentioned above among other. These tickets can be used on the weekend 7&8 September.

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