New Zimsteel and school children

It is sad to know that your child can not write their exam because you can not pay for their exam fees. Such is the plight of New Zimsteel employees. Essar stopped paying their salaries because there was no production. Funny enough, Essar came to kick start the sleeping giant into life.

Essar does not want to start production as the mineral rights are still not in their name. Government realised they had sold the vast iron ore claims for a song, worth over $30 billion for only $700 million , in what deputy Prime Minister Mutambara said, ‘We were blind, deaf and dumb – that is the
confession from Cabinet. We did not
know better or we were just clumsy …
total dereliction of duty.”
The government must honour their part and try to re-negotiate the mineral rights. We need this deal, it is important for Zimbabwe. Parents need to send their children to school and the bungling and bickering in government is costing these innocent children’s future.


New generators for Zimbabwe

Original Image: :Image:Nuclear Power Plant.jpg...

Original Image: :Image:Nuclear Power Plant.jpg Obtained free of copyright from Anna Gomez, Nuclear Energy Institute, 9/227/2005 - Typical two-unit nuclear power plant with cooling tower, turbine building and reactor containment buildings shown. (Sunflowers are facing the sun.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Zimbabwe is expected to install new generators at Hwange and Kariba south Power plants.These are expected to be operational by 2016. it is reported that 11 firms have been  put on a shortlist.

We hope that this is not just mere talk but  something that would be implemented and help the many Zimbabweans who have been staying in the dark for far too long. The manufacturing industries need a continuous supply of electricity  to boost production and therefore reduce our dependency on imports.

As industry gains momentum, demand for Zimbabwean artisans who are scattered all over the diaspora would increase. These boilermakers, fitters, welders,electricians, Diesel fitters, instrument technicians and a whole lot other tradespeople have gained so much experience  that is beneficial to Zimbabwe. We hope the guys at ZPC mean it this time.