Lessons from the workshop- the art of making money

Almost every workshop has something unavailable but is essential for the job. It doesn’t matter what trade you might be, you will always find there is something you need that has not been provided for. For example a boilermaker cannot stop working because he has no spark lighter, she can use a cigarette lighter or a welding machine. Similarly an electrician can by-pass a connection to make things work.

It is not always that certain things are essential in our lives. We tend to postpone because we do not have this or that yet the small things we have are good though not enough to take us to the next level.I have always thought I would invest when I get a lot of money. I have not yet laid my hands on that money and time is ticking on. This taught me to change my situation and to change your situation, you have to shift your position . Get a help use that as leverage. We tend to look at the returns we get and ridicule the 6% return a certain investment might offer. I believe it is better to get that than zero.

I also thought to start a business all I needed was huge some of money. Like the improvisation we do in the workshop, starting a small business might require the same principle. Work with what you have. Do not aspire to be what you can’t be, rather work and aim higher. One step at a time you will get there. Use the resources you have. Maximize the time on your hands.

What kind of business can you do, you might ask. If you are a fitter do you have to go into fitting? Maybe you are a plumber ,do you have to go into plumbing? I would tell you it doesn’t matter whether you are a blacksmith or instruments tech, business is business, the principles are the same. In the following post we will discuss on what you can do with what you have wherever you might be.

Keep discussion, comment or ask questions below.

About the Author

The author is a boilermaker and entrepreneur. He likes helping people uplift themselves. He writes on issues that affect artisans.


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